• Cynthia Wells

The Ultimate Valentine

Today is Valentines Day. The day that everyone gets mushy over each other. The local store shelves are empty of chocolate and Hallmark cards. The florist are on a constant run of delivering and selling bouquets of flowers. Restaurant reservations are full with an hour wait time for those still wanting reservations. TV personalities tell you love is in the air while cute young and old couples sweetly kiss each other, gazing into each other eyes with sparkles flying. Oh Yes, today is Valentines day. The day of perfect love.

You want to know what perfect love really looks like? Love is standing in the doctors office holding each other when your spouse has just been told they only have a few years to live. Love is forgiving each other of the most painful hurts you can do to each other. Love is putting everything you every dreamed of on hold or permanently removing it from your "bucket list." Love is giving up your married normal for the scary unknown. Love is on your knees, pouring out your heart and tears in prayer for your spouse. Love is giving up the last of something you so enjoy to the one you love. Love is giving all you have to make your spouses life the best it can be.

And then, there is Jesus. The one who created love. The one who loved perfectly. The one who left the most beautiful place ever created to live among sinful, hateful man. The one who loved so much that he spread his arms on a cross. The one who never struggled or fought, but let man nail him to a splintered, rough, wooden cross. The one who had the power to call a legion of angels to come to his aid, but instead stayed on that cross for love. Love for all of us. Love that gives us a choice to choose Him. Love that is steadfast, perfect, and true. Love that forgives a multitude of sin. Love that heals, provides, and has prepared the most beautiful home for all eternity that I could ever imagine.

He is the ultimate Valentine.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not parish, but have everlasting life.

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