• Cynthia Wells

The Master Carpenter

Before I came down with COVID, I had been working to try and finish the upstairs of our old two story home. We had never gotten it all finished, even after 15 years! Most of it was done but some of the last things such as paint and carpet had never been completed. Then between kids moving in and out, construction, and Jon's ALS, things got tossed from one room to another. I have had to push myself to doing things that I really don't enjoy! Jon was always the one that did all the painting. He loved doing it and I knew how it made him feel close to his dad when he painted. See, Jon's dad was a painter and Jon spent many years with his dad helping paint as he grew up. He often told me how he enjoyed painting and that it was relaxing to him. I, on the other hand, am not near anything like that!! :)

As I was preparing the walls for painting, I began to notice so many flaws. Cracks forming from the shifting of the house. A few buckles in the paint where there once had been a leak. Dust and dirt built up in the corners where no one sees. Taking down photo frames that held pictures of our children and our past, causing sorrow to arise. But as I was standing there in one of the rooms, I looked around and I thought to myself, "This is my home." A home where there has been laughter and tears. A home where there has been joy and sorrow. An imperfect home lived in by imperfect people.

Then I thought of my heart. A heart full of flaws and brokenness. A heart that has so many patches, cracks, and defects. A heart that has dark corners full of dust and dirt. Yet, when I was seven years old, I asked Jesus to come live in that heart. I never could have imagined the condition I would allow Jesus to live in over my lifetime. Sometimes pushing Him into a corner and keeping Him out of my life. Other times begging Him to come and mend the brokenness. And, because of His great love for me, He came running. The Master Carpenter, with a hammer in His hand, and He tenderly restored and repaired my brokenness, mended my flaws, and added a new fresh coat of paint. An imperfect heart lived in by a perfect Savior.

My dear friend, I pray that you will allow Jesus to walk through your home (heart). Allow Him to mend, fix, heal what may be broken, hurting, or falling apart. There is no one better to do the job than our Lord and Savior, the Master Carpenter! The one who loves you so much, that he died for you.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3

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