• Cynthia Wells

Telling the Story

Recently I had to change the ownership of Jon's music account through CD Baby over to my name. In 2009 Jon recorded a CD album titled "Telling the Story". CD Baby hosts Jon's CD which has provided it to Spotify and ITunes. Whenever someone listens to one of Jon's songs through those outlets, CD Baby keeps stats on the song and location of where it was heard. Thirteen years later after creating the CD, and 16 months after his death, Jon is still sharing Jesus with people all over the world.

This picture is a snapshot of where those songs were heard over the last 90 days. I cried looking at this picture thinking about how Jon's music is traveling around the world. How his desire to tell people of Jesus is still going on even though he is not here on this Earth. Jon was never afraid to share his faith. His gifting truly was evangelism.

What a conviction to my heart and I hope to yours as well. What story are we telling? What does our life currently tell, and what will it tell after we are gone? I challenge you today to "Tell the Story" by sharing this song of Jon's. Would you be willing to post this song of his on one social media platform? Let us reach all the world with the story of Jesus!

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