• Cynthia Wells

Seasons of Change

I've been in Wisconsin now for 20 years. I have lived here longer than any other place in my life. I have grown to love Wisconsin and it's four seasons. Each season holds a beauty of its own. And yes, despite the cold, even winter can showcase such amazing beauty. But for each season to arrive a change must take place. If that change does not occur, then we are deprived of the beauty it would have granted us.

In order for leaves to change their colors, the days must become shorter with less daylight and colder temperatures. For snow to fall the atmospheric temperature must be at or below freezing. The increase of the Earth's tilt brings on Spring with the increase of daylight and the warming of the hemisphere. Then summer comes with the axis of the Earth having moved and pointing directly at the sun. Every season embraces change and the dramatic effect that unfolds when it does is beautiful.

These types of changes occur in our own lives. If we allow those changes, then we ourselves can behold such beauty. Some changes in our lives are simple and pleasurable, but sometimes change can come with great pain and struggles, such as death of a loved one, divorce, severe illness, and many others. It is in these types of changes that the Lord can do great work, if we allow Him. Do we accept the change, do we struggle against it, or do we open our hearts to what the Lord is doing? I personally know how hard this is to do. It is not easy. But I have found that the more I lean on the Lord and trust Him and what He is doing, that even though the change is hard, I can trust that He has a purpose. That He is creating something beautiful, a new season of life.

I am still in the midst of a changing season. The loss of Jon was just the beginning of change. But I am learning, growing, and trusting Him. Knowing that the next season will look different, but will hold just as much beauty as the one before. To those of you in the midst of change, may you find the strength to lean on the Lord and to trust His plan for new beauty in your season.

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