• Cynthia Wells

My Husband, My Friend

How can it be that you have been gone for half a year?

Leaving me alone to face this crazy world full of fear.

Learning to live without you is the hardest thing I've ever done

Tears constantly fall like the setting sun.

Missing your voice and hearing you call me "Cin"

Looking back over our life from where all we have been.

We chose the hard road, you and I

Leaving all our family and saying goodbye.

So many hard bumps along the way

But trying to follow the Lord in whatever He might say.

Our marriage was far from perfect, nearly divorced at one part

But God intervened and changed our heart.

So much I would do over from the way it began

But truly loving each other to the very end.

Moving forward without you is painful and hard

The feelings of aloneness are so hard to discard.

People like to say "at least you know where he is at"

But they are clueless to the pain that comes with that fact

I now seek the Lord each morning of the day

Pleading His strength to show me the way.

Asking for guidance and seeking His will

Praying that somehow He will use me still.

My Spirit is telling me I will soon see you on high

As the Lord is preparing to come for His Bride.

I know you are cheering me on from Heaven

To tell others of Jesus so they will make that confession.

Confess they are sinners and that Christ is the way

So that they can enter Heaven when we fly away that day.

So I will press on through the rest of this coming year

Not trying to cry and shed so many tears.

Doing my best to what the Lord would have me do

Earnestly seeking Him in the paths I should pursue.

So wherever He calls me and wherever I may end

I will love you forever my husband and friend.

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