• Cynthia Wells

Mosaic Masterpiece

This life is not what I thought it would be

Dreams unfulfilled

Expectations unmet

Pain and sorrow, grief and heartache

Shattered lives and broken hearts

But then came Jesus

The potter at the wheel

The great artist

The one who heals and restores

He picks up all the pieces

Slowly replacing each one into a special order

A new creation from all those broken pieces

A beauty that takes one's breath away

New life

New choices

New beginnings

Renewed hope for a bright future

How can this be possible?

Only by trusting the creator

Letting Him be the center of your life

Allowing Him to direct and lead

To put the pieces where He sees fit

Letting go of pain and heartache

Believing there is still a plan for your life

Trusting in God's promises

That joy really does come in the morning

A healing heart

Smiles of joy

Seeing beauty in everything

A new praise on my lips

My advice -

Let it all go

Let God have all the broken pieces

Allow Him to put them back into a mosaic

He will make you a beautiful masterpiece


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