• Cynthia Wells

I Sat Alone at Your Grave Today

I sat alone at your grave today

Thought I would go there and just silently pray

Hoping it might ease the pain in my heart

But I never could get the words to start

Instead it was tears that just freely flowed

As the weeks trials and hurts just all seemed to unload

Wishing you were here to tell me what to do and say

As I sat alone at your grave today

Being here at this place still feels so unreal

Like living in a dream, so very surreal

The sun is beaming through the space in the trees

Surrounding me with a warm gentle breeze

The birds are singing and the squirrels are running by

All clueless that a human sits here breaking inside

Then strangers walking by with nothing to say

As I sat alone at your grave today

But then I hear that still small voice

Giving my heart a small spark to somewhat rejoice

Reminding me to just trust God's plan

To close my eyes and hold onto His hand

That He will make my pathway clear

To be faithful and trust and to give Him my fear

So deep inside I begin to pray

As I sat alone at your grave today

I continue moving forward with the journey I'm on

Making most of each moment until I am gone

This is sure not easy and some days so hard

Like a wounded warrior battered and scarred

But I will rise to my feet and continue to press on

For the Lord will walk with me and make me strong

Thank you honey for listening to all I had to say

As I sat alone at your grave today

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