• Cynthia Wells

Heavens Declare His Glory

I was able to spend the end of December, into the first of the New Year, in Florida this year. I've never been to Florida and was able to experience: Vero Beach, Key Largo, Key West, and Fort Myers. During that time I had the wonderful opportunity to spend several evenings watching the sunset from those beaches. Each sunset I beheld had a beauty of it's own. I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature in all fashions. I think most people are and most likely you are too. There is so much natural artistry of nature in the world around us, and there is nothing man can do to create the sunsets you see above.

Psalms 19:1 says "The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament sheweth his handywork." The Teacher's Bible commentary says this about the verse: "The writer (King David) does not call upon people to sing praises to God. Instead he reminds them that a song of praise has already been raised in the heavens. By day and by night the beauty of the sky speaks of God's greatness. The sun has a leading role in this heavenly drama and sings its solo part for all the world to hear."

God's beautiful creation shows His wisdom, power, and glory. If you are still and quiet while basking in his beautiful creation, you can sense the greatness of God. If not, then my dear friend you have hardened your heart to the things of God. I pray that you open your heart and seek the presence of the Lord in your life. There is no greater joy here or in the life to come than to have the presence of the Lord.

I challenge you to stop what you are doing today. Put down the book, turn off the TV, pull the car over, get off the phone, or walk away from the computer and watch the sunrise or the sunset. Let the beauty of the sky speak of God's greatness to your soul. Let His wisdom, power, and glory flood over you like the sun rays over the sky.

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

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